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Lawforcops.com is a website devoted to educating police officers in Missouri and Kansas* on legal issues which every officer MUST know to effectively do their job and most importantly, avoid lawsuits. 

Officers ask me everyday - "Will I get sued if I do that?"  Unfortunately the answer most often is yes!  You can’t always avoid a lawsuit.  After all, anyone can file a lawsuit.  The important thing for you and your family is making sure you WIN!  Make no mistake about it – in today’s lawsuit-happy world, you will have an edge if you know the law and apply it correctly.


When completely up and running, this website will provide information about legal issues facing the police and keep you up-to-date on the newest decisions from federal and state courts that affect the police in Missouri and Kansas.


*The focus on the website will initially be on Missouri law, but we hope to expand our resources to include decisions by courts in Kansas and the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals.


Please click on "Disclaimer" and read it before accessing the content of this site.


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